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About Us

Our research group is interested in exploiting unique optical properties of nanoscale plasmonic materials and structures to develop novel integrated systems for various applications including biosensing, biodiagnostics, bioimaging, and neural engineering. To undertake this objective we rely on a highly interdisciplinary team that works at the interface of biomedical engineering, optics, electronics, and nanobioengineering. We are actively involved in all aspects of manufacturing process of fabrication, integration and characterization. Currently we have ongoing research projects for nanostructured plasmonic biosensor, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy detection, nanoscopic plasmonic imaging, and optical neural interface.


변경민 교수, 세계 상위 2% 피인용 우수연구자 선정




Post-doc, 대학원생, 학부연구생 지원을 환영합니다. (E-mail: